A Spectrum of Hope and Inspiration 

Reflections on Dementia Possibilities 

We experience fear, overwhelm and confusion.
We face the realities that there is something new every day. 

There are ups and downs
Teeter tottering between our challenges and joys
Trying to work it out
Giving in sometimes. 

We are alive and have courage for this journey
Exploring and educating ourselves
Gaining new insight
Grieving and moving through challenging moments. 

We are grateful, playful and full of wonder
Living in the present and looking for the positive moments Surprised by hope and that today may be better than tomorrow. 

Love is born of fire.
Life is not going to overwhelm us.
We are confident that we will be okay and that we can do it
As we begin a new adventure with a new community and family Like a rainbow made of many beautiful colors. 

Speechless and overwhelmed by this community we have created today We remember that we can move together when we cannot move alone. 

Dementia Possibilities Conference February 8, 2021